Activ'Inside to reveal first results of Neurophenol study at HiE


Will also show its range of more than 50 conventional and organic botanical extracts

Activ'Inside will exclusively present at HiE 2014 the first scientific results of its new extract, Neurophenol. The effectiveness of this exclusive extract to prevent age-related cognitive decline is based on clinical and animal studies. The six-month multicentre placebo-controlled clinical study is currently in progress on 200 subjects.

The first results show that Neurophenol supplementation ameliorates spatial learning, which could be explained by modifications in hippocampal gene expression and in synaptic plasticity.

Neurophenol extract, rich in synergistic polyphenols, is the result of three years of research in a €4.2m Franco-Canadian project. Activ'Inside is the leader of the project involving 14 partners, both from industry and academia.

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The company will also present its range of more than 50 conventional and organic botanical extracts, mainly from French grapes, Iranian saffron, Canadian cranberry, but also from guarana, lemon balm, hop, ginseng, etc at the show. Each extract is supported by a technical file, combining with full transparency all data in accordance with the French Plants Decree of 24 June 2014.