ADM brings extended health and wellness offerings to Vitafoods 2018


Archer Daniels Midland Company will showcase its ability to meet the needs of health-conscious consumers at this year’s Vitafoods exhibition

ADM brings extended health and wellness offerings to Vitafoods 2018

At stand L174, ADM experts will be on hand to present recent additions to ADM’s bioactive product portfolio, placing a particular focus on skin health and weight management.

Visitors will also be able to taste delicious foods featuring ADM’s Onavita algal DHA oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids – now commercially available in Europe – and Novatol Vitamin E 1490PH – recently granted EU Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) CEP (Certificate of Suitability).

Pioneering probiotics

ADM will also present its wide range of Biopolis specialty probiotics, designed to aid product developers and formulators looking to create health-focused products.

From conventional probiotic strains supported by clinical research showing potential benefits for immune and digestive health, to proprietary and tailored strains and blends that are being evaluated scientifically for potential to support skin health and weight management or for use in infant and sports nutrition, and more.

The company will demonstrate how it can support its partners in probiotic research, including selection and identification, through to scale-up and production.

An exciting range of sugar-reduced juices, nutrition bars and gummies featuring probiotics and ADM’s unparalleled portfolio of on-trend ingredients will be available for tasting.

“Vitafoods 2018 provides us with the perfect opportunity to showcase our core competencies and proprietary technologies that are fully supported by science,” said Daniel Ramón Vidal, Vice President R&D, ADM Health & Wellness.

“Having recently completed clinical trials focusing on skin health – an area in which we see huge growth potential – we are looking forward to meeting with product formulators to share the results and discuss how we can effectively support them in the development of food and beverage products, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals.”

Innovative ingredients for health and well-being

Visitors to stand L174 will be able to learn more about how ADM’s broad portfolio of on-trend and purposeful health and wellness ingredients can help satisfy consumer demand.

Onavita algal DHA oil, a plant-based ingredient that is now available in Europe, is an alternative to fish-sourced omega-3 fatty acids.

It provides a vital source of DHA omega-3 fatty acid, an essential nutrient for the human body and credited with proven health benefits, including maintenance of normal brain function, blood triglyceride levels and vision.

Also, in young infants, DHA supports normal development of vision and the brain. Suitable for a wide variety of delivery formats, Onavita algal DHA oil can support formulators in creating products with vegan, vegetarian, non-allergenic and clean label positioning.

“At ADM, we are dedicated to providing our customers with diverse and innovative solutions to address industry needs and consumer trends,” said Vikram Luthar, Senior Vice President, ADM Health & Wellness.

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“We recently became the first company to be granted an EU CEP for natural-source vitamin E (RRR-alpha tocopherol). This, combined with our unrivalled application expertise, means we are well positioned to support our partners in developing high-quality, true-to-nature nutritional and OTC pharmaceutical products across numerous applications.”