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SEPPIC creates and markets a wide range of specialty ingredients for health and beauty. With a strong commitment to the dietary supplements market, SEPPIC's Nutrition activity offers both natural premium active ingredients for Beauty and Vitality, as well as excipients and coating agents developed to meet the challenges associated with the formulation of dietary supplements.


As a subsidiary of the Air Liquide group, Seppic has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing unique ingredients for over 75 years. These ingredients are used by consumers, patients, and professionals.

A partner of choice for nutraceuticals

At SEPPIC’s Nutrition division, we aim to provide innovative ingredients for safe and efficient nutraceutical formulations. We offer premium active ingredients from natural origin and backed by scientific studies. We also supply functional excipients that we believe can be a real lever of innovation as well as problem solvers. The search for naturality and clean label options is at the heart of our new developments. Offering both actives and excipients enables us to get a global comprehension of the food supplements formulation and be a partner of choice for nutraceutical developments.

Solutions for Beauty and Vitality

With a strong anchor in Beauty, Sports Nutrition, Healthy ageing and Cognitive, we are working with well established and recognized partners to offer you a wider range of active ingredients. They all meet the highest standards in terms of quality, regulations, and scientifically proven efficacy.


CERAMOSIDES™ is a plant extract inspired by the best of nature to bring beauty and well-being to everyday life. CERAMOSIDES™ is one of the world’s leading phytoceramides extracts providing moisturization and anti-ageing benefits from within, both demonstrated in clinical studies. With a low dose, a rapid action, and availability in powder and oil grades, CERAMOSIDES™ is an ideal ingredient to be integrated in nutraceuticals formulation.



SEPISMART™ SR is a patented ready-to-use synergetic combination of co-processed gums from natural origin. Formulated with active ingredients, it has a sustained release effect which allows the release of an effective amount of actives over time and at a continuous rate. With that sustained release effect, the absorption of the active ingredients is enhanced while avoiding potential undesirable effects that can be caused by an immediate release. Thanks to its mechanism of action, SEPISMART™ SR is as compatible with tablets as with hard capsules formulations.