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Rousselot is the global leader of collagen-based solutions for the food, health and nutrition, biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors. Working in partnership with our global customer-base, we deliver advanced ingredient solutions that enable innovation, excite today’s consumers, and contribute to public health.


Through our state-of-the-art operations, extensive technical expertise and sustained scientific research, we help our customers achieve their goals, create world-class products, and we “Reach further together”. Rousselot is a brand of Darling Ingredients.

Rousselot, the world’s leading producer of natural gelatin and collagen peptides, offers an extensive range of world-class products and solutions. Partnering with the Rousselot team means benefiting from an impressive heritage of 125 years’ worldwide experience in the production and application of pharmaceutical gelatin. Our customers have access to comprehensive services and exceptional understanding of the excipients market. We help them to eliminate risk during manufacture, to maximise productivity in all stages of the process and to save costs.

Rousselot’s safe, non-allergenic and fully compatible gelatins are obtained by careful selection of raw materials. They are produced in full compliance with the highest quality and safety standards and practices, including IFS, HACCP and GMP.

World-class gelatins

The effectiveness of nutra-, pharmaceutical and medical supplements is closely related to the form in which these supplements are delivered. Gelatin has proven its worth as a natural, safe and highly versatile excipient for most delivery forms in use today. With Rousselot gelatin you can count on best-in-class dosage forms, either hard capsules, soft gels or functional gummies.

StabiCaps™ - click here

Because of its unique functional capabilities and excellent dissolution properties, gelatin is by far the main ingredient in soft gelatin capsules. However, producing soft gels can be challenging. Especially when working with specific fills, manufacturers may experience cross-linking issues that unfavourably affect soft gel stability. StabiCaps is a range of gelatins tailored to prevent crosslinking in soft gels and thus to increase their stability. It is the perfect solution for the most reactive fills.

SiMoGel™ - click here

SiMoGel is a new gelatin-based solution for the production of jelly articles without starch depositing. SiMoGel enables manufacturers to produce gummies in a perfectly clean, hygienic (starch-free) environment. It significantly optimises the production process and lowers the costs. It paves the way for innovative gummies with 3D shapes, stripes and fillings. Creating unrivalled hygienic conditions, SiMoGel makes the production of functional jellies a lot easier than it has ever been and perfectly answers the needs of nutraceutical confectionery producers.

X-Pure® - click here

Because of its natural origin and versatility, gelatin has been used in food, pharma and medical products for years. In today’s medical field, specialised gelatins are used in many applications. Rousselot has developed a new range of low-endotoxin gelatins: X-Pure®. X-Pure® is the perfect solution for applications requiring intensely purified gelatin, such as regenerative medicine, hemostatic products and parenteral formulations, including vaccines. Further complementing Rousselot’s range of gelatin products, the new range represents an exciting step forward in patient safety and research possibilities on the pharma and medical markets.

Peptan® - click here

Peptan provides consumers with multiple health benefits by acting as a building block for healthy joints, bones and muscles as well as skin. Globally recognised as the leading collagen peptides brand, Peptan consistently delivers the highest quality and support to meet your innovation and formulation needs. Peptan is the one bioactive ingredient that brings you a step closer to a healthier tomorrow.

Peptan® IIm - click here

Peptan IIm is a hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix, a powerful ingredient specifically designed for promoting healthy joints and offering multiple benefits in this critical area of health. Peptan IIm touches on all physiological aspects important to maintaining a healthy joint. Answering to consumers & demands today, Peptan IIm & science-backed multiple joint health benefits can help nutra- and pharma manufacturers to uniquely position their joint health supplement in the market.