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For 30 years, Marine Ingredients has been a leader in the US Omega-3 fish oil market. This experience translates to invaluable confidence and reliability in every custom-crafted product we produce. Now, as part of the KD Pharma Group, we have created the world’s third-largest Omega-3 fish oil supply chain. The technical innovations of KD Pharma Group allow for product customizations and concentration of Omega-3 and their metabolites that will lead to the future of Omega-3-based opportunities


The custom-crafted approach to Omega-3

Marine Ingredients’ experience and supply chain efficiencies drive successful new product innovations.

As a part of the KD Pharma Group, Marine Ingredients is uniquely positioned to leverage the expertise of the global leader in pharmaceutical drug Omega-3 manufacturing and the world’s leading producer of customisable Omega-3. This relationship provides expertise at every level of the supply chain. With support from our own softgel facility, InnovaGel, we can offer your finished product in the form of softgels in any shape or batch size, or bottled liquids from our facility in Norway.

You can count on Marine Ingredients’ complete support, every step of the way. Our reliability transforms your ability to produce best-in-class products. You can rest assured that our product development and manufacturing — as well as our scientific, technical and sales support services — are solely focused on your complete success.

In other words, we’re here for you, from beginning to end-user.

Sustainable. Traceable. Exceptional.

At Marine Ingredients, we are guided by a deep respect for the ocean and its treasures. Every step of our process is purposefully created to minimize impact on the ecosystem and provide maximum efficiency in resource management. Our selective process begins with fisheries that adhere to rigorous global sustainability standards. Many of our products are MSC* certified, and all our Omega-3 fish oil is 100% traceable to its fishery and are IFOS† and FOTS†† certified. Our unparalleled experience and dedication to doing it right — every step along the way — is one of the reasons why Marine Ingredients has become such a trusted leader in the industry.

Refined by us. Defined by you.

Confidently create a new brand or breathe life into an existing product with Marine Ingredients. Through our innovative solutions and industry expertise we are here to be the trusted partner in your success.


KD-PÜR Technology

It begins with great and ends in brilliant.

As a KD-Pharma group company, Marine Ingredients is the exclusive source of KD-Pür Omega-3 oil to the Dietary Supplement industry. KD-Pür quality and consistency is un-matched by any supplier in the world. Our oils are available in TG, EE and rTG forms. KD-Pür can be expertly blended with other ingredients to create supplements that target virtually any health concern with the highest quality omega-3 essential fatty acid at its base.

strong>Refined by us. Defined by you.

Marine Ingredients serves some of the most discerning global brands while also bringing new brands and products to the market. In fact, by offering KD-Pür, our customers benefit from the best in technological advancements to ensure industry-leading, batch-to-batch consistency from lower concentration through 99% Omega-3 concentrations consisting of any ratio of EPA, DHA and DPA.

Product Platforms

Intelligent Innovation Producing Brilliant Results.

Marine Ingredients has developed several Branded Ingredient product platforms available for further customisation. This is just the start of what we can do for you.


A unique ingredient combination of A-GPC and Omega-3 fatty acids makes Alpha & Omega™ a game changer for overall health.

Alpha & Omega offers a unique ingredient technology that combines Alpha-Glycerophosphocholine (A-GPC) with high-concentrate Omega-3 fatty acids. This multi-mode of action nutritional supplement supports early human development, cardiovascular health, improved cognitive function, and muscular neurotransmission. As such, Alpha & Omega formulations can be customised for prenatal, infant nutrition, adult nutrition, anti-ageing, and sport applications.

The science behind Alpha & Omega

So what makes A-GPC and Omega-3 fatty acids such a powerful combination?

Alpha-GPC—Glycerophosphocholine (GPC) is a small-nutrient molecule that has a profound impact on human biochemistry. It is a building block for the membranes that drive all cells. Further, GPC is a major source of the key neurotransmitter acetylcholine reservoir.

GPC readily crosses the blood-brain barrier to support numerous brain processes as well as supporting essential functions of the nervous system, endocrine system, skeletal muscles, kidneys, and liver.

Acetylcholine is known as the learning neurotransmitter. It is involved in the transmission of impulses from neuron to neuron in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

Omega-3 fatty acids—The health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids are amplified in combination with A-GPC. Alpha & Omega provides an instant cognitive boost from the A-GPC while delivering a fatty acid bath for the brain that improves neurotransmission and membrane quality and function. Additionally, A-GPC improves the bioavailability of Omega-3 fatty acids, increasing their effectiveness in the many areas of health and wellness so prevalent in Omega-3 supplementation.


A unique, naturally occurring composition of marine lipids for optimal whole-body health.

This unique, naturally occurring composition of matter presents an exceptional opportunity to support a broad-spectrum adaptive inflammatory response.

NutraSolve3™ contains a full complement of Omega-3, (EPA, DHA, DPA), active Omega-3 metabolites, as well as preresolving mediators 18-H EPE and 17-H DHA.

Along with fat-soluble Vitamin D and A, NutraSolve3 can support immune system function, helping the body regulate optimal white blood cell activity.


NutraSolve3 contains preresolving mediators–stable O3 metabolites that are further metabolised to active pro-resolving mediators, the concentration of which is similar to what is found in human breast milk during the first four weeks of lactation.1

NutraSolve3 is a Marine Stewardship Certified sustainable product sourced from Alaskan Cod exclusively from the cold waters of the Bering Strait. It is naturally occurring, 100% traceable, and processed to maintain maximum bioactivity and freshness and reduce the need for extra processing that could compromise essential nutrient support. The result is a unique bioactive marine lipid matrix that delivers a powerful array of nutritional factors that are required for long-term, vibrant health.


Be on the forefront of one of the industry’s fastest-growing categories.

Daily supplementation with a product that contains phytocannabinoids and Omega-3 with endocannabinoid support is now a reality. The demand for this support is exploding and predicted to be a $3 billion category by 2020. Marine Ingredients is here to help you take advantage of this emerging market. Phyto-3™ is a custom-tailored blend of KD Pür® Omega-3 and phytocannabinoids, sourced from legally compliant industrial hemp. Our regulatory-compliant, fully integrated international supply chain delivers a completely customisable platform to make your impact on this growing market both unique and sustainable.

High-level expertise to meet high-level demands

Continued clinical research shows the benefits of phytocannabinoids when blended with Omega-3. Phyto-3™ offers a wide range of in-demand health benefits and supports the endocannabinoid system while providing cognitive support and all of the health benefits of highly purified Omega-3, all customised to your exacting needs.