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Kemin Human Nutrition and Health develops high quality, science-based ingredients for use in the dietary supplement, and functional food and beverage markets.


At Kemin Human Nutrition and Health, a division of Kemin Industries, we do more than just develop dietary ingredients—we create science-backed ingredients that meet real consumer health needs. Beyond supplying high quality ingredients, we offer our customers the customised support they need to bring our ingredients to consumers worldwide. From technical services to formulation to consumer marketing insights, we are a resource to our customers as they launch new products.

Kemin's Human Nutrition and Health ingredient portfolio of high quality, science based and clinically-tested ingredients offers solutions for the eye health, cognition and active wellness platforms. Current brands include FloraGLO® Lutein, Neumentix® Phenolic Complex K110-42, ZeaONETM Zeaxanthin, Slendesta® Potato Extract and BetaViaTM

Inspired molecular solutions

Inspired to provide real solutions for global human nutrition and health needs, our ingredients are developed from plant-based molecules that have been scientifically shown to provide specific health benefits.

Uncompromising quality across the supply chain

We naturally source our key molecules from advanced, non-GMO botanicals
grown by dedicated farmers worldwide. Using innovative processing methods, we extract key molecules to create efficacious ingredients that provide health benefits the way nature intended.

Our careful processing methods along with our control over each ingredient supply chain allows us to offer the traceability, safety and quality measures customers require and consumers demand.

Clinically researched claims

Every ingredient we offer has been clinically studied and is part of a rigorous research program with both discovery and hypothesis- driven research arms. This ongoing commitment to research allows us to provide our customers with science-backed claims that meet real consumer health and nutrition needs.

Neumentix™ Phenolic Complex K110-42

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North America Regional Headquarters

2100 Maury Street

Des Moines

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T: +1 515 559 5100

European Offices

EMEA Regional Headquarters

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T: +32 14 28 62 00

Kemin Human Nutrition and Health European Office

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Neumentix; Slendesta; FloraGLO; BetaVia.