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At Kappa Bioscience, we are proud to offer you high purity vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7). As the innovative leader and first mover of vitamin K2 MK-7, we have extensive knowledge about vitamins and are currently the only vendor with vitamin K2 as pure MK-7 in various formulations. Based on the self-affirmed GRAS approval, our K2VITAL® ingredients can also be used in conventional foods.


Kappa Bioscience is dedicated to developing superior quality health solutions around vitamin K2 to improve the quality of life for all of us. Kappa’s thought leadership in the health & wellbeing market is driven by the quest-for-truth, rooted in science & commercial expertise and Norwegian heritage, demonstrated by the patented flower-based organic synthesis & microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA.

K2VITAL® is pure vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7). Vitamin K2 is an essential fat-soluble vitamin that directs calcium to the right places in the body. K2VITAL® K2 MK-7, the superior form of K2, activates the osteocalcin proteins that incorporate calcium to bones, and the matrix Gla proteins (MGP) that bind calcium to prevent deposits in arteries and smooth muscle walls. Even a balanced diet does not provide us with enough vitamin K2. K2VITAL® is offered in a range of formulations, including microencapsulated K2VITAL® DELTA for excellent K2 stability in mineral formulations.

Our Kappa Formulation LookBook is a compendium of 150 ready-to-launch white-label product concepts that are backed with consumer market research, stability trials and established supply chains. Our main focus is to develop vitamin K2 for the food supplement and fortified foods market. Vitamin K2 is currently gaining momentum across the world and as it does, we intend to continue to serve the market with pure and stable forms of MK-7 products.


The Norwegian-made, exceptionally pure, all-trans vitamin K2 MK-7. K2VITAL® puts calcium in balance, and works in synergy with vitamin D3 to form the Perfect Pair. Our K2VITAL® product portfolio offers a full range of formats and concentrations designed to support your innovations, formulations and product success.


When combined with minerals like calcium or magnesium, vitamin K2 MK-7 requires protection. K2VITAL® DELTA is the pure, microencapsulated K2 MK-7, for unmatched product stability, even in mineral formulations.

Brand & Plant program

Kappa Bioscience partners up with Ecologi, a company whose mission it is to help businesses lower their impact on the planet by neutralizing their carbon footprint.

Through the partnership, Kappa is able to compensate each of its employee’s personal and professional CO2 emissions. Besides tree planting, Kappa Bioscience also invests in carbon offsetting projects, including renewable energy generation, rainforest protection, and community initiatives such as providing access to clean water.


Whenever a customer co-brands its product with our Vitamin K2 K2VITAL® logo on the pack, Kappa Bioscience offers to plant 1000 trees in return.

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