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Genofocus is a company that develops and produces new microbiome drugs and healthcare ingredients using microbial metabolism. We have been engaging in specialty enzymes, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, biopharmaceuticals through the eco-friendly process using our core platform technology.


As a holding company of Genofocus group, Genofocus has been establishing a foundation for excellent R&D infrastructure, joint research network, and various raw materials businesses.

Genofocus has a specialty enzyme business, R&D on microbial strains and enzymes, and discovering novel microbiome-enzyme drugs. Its subsidiary, GF Fermentech, is engaged in the Bio-healthcare ingredients business, and Biomlogic engages in the microbiome-enzyme new drug business.


We have a vision of leading the new microbiome drug industry using special enzymes. Based on our diversified products formulated on enzyme/bio-healthcare ingredients, we would like to expand in bio-pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and medical foods further, and become a global leader in the Microbiome Therapeutics industry.

Our Science

Genofocus has fundamental technologies ranging from maximizing the enzyme efficiency up to technologies for enzyme production optimization.

GF library/screening and microbial surface display technique is a proprietary technology of Genofocus which enables mass production of high-purity proteins using microbial secretion system.

Our enzyme products are developed through molecular evolution using smart library generation and microbial display-based high throughput screening. With fungal and bacterial secretion systems, we custom produce the evolved enzyme products in large-scale fermentation and downstream processes.

Our Product Line

Bio-Health Care Ingredients List

  1. MeqiQ7 ® (Vitamin K2 MK-7) |
    Naturally fermented Vitamin K2 MK-7 produced through using a patented strain derived from Bacillus subtill natto, GFMK-152, sourced from Cheonggukjang -A traditional Korean food made by fermenting soybeans-.
  2. N-Phytosphingosine
    Natural cosmetic material for skin barrier function improvement of Ceramide precursor, which consists of 96% or higher of ultra-pure phytosphingosine
  3. Lactobionic Acid / Maltobionic Acid
    Lactobionic acid (LBA) and Maltobionic acid (MBA) is a cosmetic ingredient that contributes to skin health; Hypoallergenic Exfoliation, Antioxidant, and Moisturizing.
  4. Nattokinase
    Functional enzyme improving blood circulation and preventing cardiovascular diseases, which is approved by the Korean FDA as a health functional ingredient
  5. Superoxide Dismutase (GF B SOD)

    The best anti-oxidant enzyme that stimulates internal anti-oxidant enzymes such as internal superoxide dismutase, catalase, Glutathione Peroxidase.

Industrial Special Enzymes List
  1. Lactase
    An enzyme for producing GOS (galacto-oligosaccharides), an immunity enhancing material in breast milk
  2. Catalase
    An eco-friendly hydrogen peroxide decomposing enzyme that is used in semiconductor water treatment, textile process, HPPO manufacturing process, etc.
  3. Proteinase K
    Key raw material enzyme for highly-efficient RNA extraction kit for COVID-19 PCR-based diagnosis.