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CAIF is a manufacturer of natural ingredients, providing innovative supply chain solutions to the food & beverage, dietary supplement, personal care and animal feed industries.


CAIF – Concentrated Active Ingredients & Flavors, Inc, based in California, specializes in developing innovative natural ingredients to meet our customers’ needs. We provide the best of nature to create products that improve people's lives.

Caif engages in the development, production and distribution of natural ingredients for the food & beverage, dietary supplement, personal care and animal feed industries. With more than 20 years industry experience, we pride ourselves on our profound understanding of processing technologies, product functionalities and market trends.

We work with carefully selected and trusted raw material suppliers to produce high-quality custom-made ingredient solutions And our international multidisciplinary team works with integrity and transparency to deliver a consistent buying experience and exceptional service our customers have come to rely on, time after time.

Rather than offer off-the-shelf products, we engage in the early-stages of the product development cycle to ensure we cover all aspects of ingredients applications and forge long-term partnerships with brands.

CAIF has a permanent innovation mindset, actively seeking out new technologies, following scientific breakthroughs in nutrition, and making them available for our customer base.

Diversified portfolio with customization capabilities

Drying Technologies:

  • Spray Dry
  • Freeze Dry
  • Drum Dry
  • Vacuum Dry
  • Forced Convection
  • Window Refraction
  • Liquid Extraction

Products Aspects

  • Powder
  • Flakes
  • Pieces
  • Cubes
  • Leaves

Our Products

Botanical Extracts

Caif offers a wide range of extracts from natural sources, carefully tailored to our market and customers' needs. Phytochemicals can also be concentrated, combined and transformed into the best formula to achieve the desired functionality. Adding an extract to your product will add value and potency to your formulations.

Fruits & Veggies

Fruits and Vegetables contain nutrients, vitamins, fibers, and phytochemicals, which are a clean-label, versatile and efficient way to enhance virtually any formulation, from baked goods to cosmetic applications. Different drying technologies, fruit content, and particle size can result in a wide range of product compositions, textures, flavors and aromas.

Herbs and Spices

Aromatic ingredients used in preparation of food sauces and condiments to impart flavor and aroma, stimulating sensorial qualities to dishes.

Natural Fibers

Fibers promote several health benefits in the gastrointestinal tract by favoring the proliferation of beneficial gut flora to reduce spikes in blood-sugar levels, speed intestinal transit and increase satiety.


Highly concentrated flavors extracted and concentrated from plant sources for enhancement of sensorial experiences in taste and aroma.

Natural preservatives and antioxidants

As customer preference for clean-label ingredients deepens, chemicals once-used in food preservation are being replaced by natural alternatives. Plant or fruit-based antioxidant extracts and vinegar-based antimicrobials are among the newest health-focused ingredients designed to naturally extend the shelf life of packaged foods.


We offer a variety of value-added functional ingredients to address specific health-promoting benefits. Our selection includes: nutraceutical amino acids, dairy nutrients for immunity enhancement, naturally-sourced vitamins, isolated plant bioactives and plant-based proteins.


Açaí – excellent source of flavonoids and omega-6 and omega-9 oils with great a nutritional profile

Acerola – natural source of high vitamin C content

Guarana – rainforest fruit packed with caffeine for energy and alertness

Quercetin – strong antioxidant compound with recognized health benefits

Yerba-Maté – rich in polyphenolic compounds and methylxanthines

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