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Allmicroalgae - Natural Products S.A. focuses on premium microalgae solutions of sustainable cultivation for supplements, food, feed and agricultural applications, among other emerging applications. Being one of the largest European producers of microalgae, the company produces and sells directly from Portugal to the global market, ensuring product quality and transparency, with competitive pricing and flexible volumes.


As one of the largest European producer of Organic Chlorella powder, Allmicroalgae is also offering alternative Chlorella vulgaris products with a smooth taste and lighter colors, such as the Smooth Chlorella (light green color), the Honey Chlorella (Yellow color) and White Chlorella (White color). Furthermore, and due to its interesting biochemical profile and to the outstanding taste, the Novel Food Tetraselmis chuii powder is also being produced and directed to the finest food applications.

Besides of the human nutrition portfolio, Allmicroalgae also offers high value products for the animal nutrition and health applications, namely the Nannochloropsis sp., Tetraselmis sp., Scenedesmus sp., Chloroccocum sp. and the Phaeodactylum sp. , which are available either as powder or as fresh or frozen paste, for the most demanding applications.

The R&D Team activities are continuously directed to the optimization of the production and to the improvement of the products' biochemical and functional characteristics, according to the specific needs of Allmicroalgae's Business Partners and to the industries developments. With a commitment to transparent operations and high safety standards, the company provides technical knowledge, information, and expertise at every step.

Being certified for the European Organic Production Certification, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Halal, Portugal Sou Eu and more recently GMP+, Allmicroalgae became a worldwide reference in terms of microalgae premium quality, food safety and innovation.

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