Sanobiotec refines CBC cannabinoid production

CBC has been explored for use as an antibacterial, acne medication, and migraine therapy

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DMC and Conagen partner to manufacture L-alanine

L-alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid used in homecare products, human nutrition, and pharmaceutical ...

Kyowa Hakko brings Immuse ingredient to the European Market

Immuse is supported by 11 human clinical trials, consisting of nine efficacy and two safety studies

Golden Malt and Foodfarm achieve regulatory approval

The companies are partners of a joint venture to build what they call a superfood processing line

Engineering compendial mannitol for orally dispersible applications

Regulators are increasingly insisting that formulators consider patient centricity during formulation development; as ...

Bunge invests $45m in Australian Plant Proteins

Bunge entered the plant-protein segment with a portfolio of pea and canola proteins in 2020

Start-up enters skin-deep beauty sector with algae ingredient

The ingredient, branded EPS-Revive, is produced from the red algae in a lab environment using photobioreactor technology

Between food and nutrition: future prebiotic trends

Taking an inward view of consumer well-being, there are a number of landmark changes that have influenced the ...

Robertet discusses sports nutrition and supplementation

Based on a melon juice concentrate, Melorun has been developed specifically to counteract oxidative stress in the ...

Wakunaga introduces chewable technology for probiotics

The tablets are designed to help individuals who are pill adverse

The complex relationship between heart health, weight and anxiety

The impact of COVID-19 on human health will be felt for many years to come. According to the World Health Organization ...

From green and pleasant lands

For years, ahiflower was known only as a humble weed growing in the UK … until Natures Crops’ CEO, Andrew Hebard, ...

Bone and joint health in a new normal world

Our modern-day lifestyles are resulting in increasingly common joint and bone health problems, writes Will Cowling, ...

Kerry releases stocks and broths whitepaper

Five key trends are apparent, the white paper says

Arjuna curcumin demonstrates anti-inflammatory benefits for Knee OA

The study was a follow up to an Arjuna study conducted more than a year ago that demonstrated a positive link between ...