Study finds Pycnogenol may reduce frequency of migraines and severity of symptoms

Published research shows antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties of Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark extract may ease discomfort

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Tennessee based singer Drew Young wrote "You Can't Grow A Forest Without Seeds" for Lycored's 5th annual Heart+Soil day ...

GOED publishes peer-reviewed research on omega-3 dosage and cardiovascular health

GOED has published a comprehensive meta-analysis that connects increases in EPA and DHA omega-3 intake to positive ...

Research shows immunostimulatory effects of jellyfish collagen

Certified Nutraceuticals has released new research showing Jellyfish Collagen enhances immunoglobulin production and ...

Brilliant bars: overcoming the latest formulation challenges

Bars have become a mainstay of the healthy snack category, a quick and easy hit of nutrition for consumers leading ...

Freedom Softgels significantly reduce systolic blood pressure

The product was formulated by Tishcon in Westbury, NY

BGG completes trial on combination for cognitive improvements

The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was done on 44 subjects over 12 weeks

Benign prostatic hyperplasia: the mature man’s problem

An innovative saw palmetto extract from Vidya Herbs, said to be more efficient than traditional saw palmetto extracts, ...

HMB and vitamin D3 show synergistic muscle function benefits

Researchers say HMB plus vitamin D3 improves muscle function in older adults, without exercise

Lallemand and Running for Research raise funds for PWS studies

The next run will take place at the Walt Disney World Marathon from January 6-10, 2021

Positive outlook for 5’-HMO growth and tolerance trial in infants

As the company continues to design ingredient mixtures comprising multiple HMOs, Jennewein Biotechnologie’s Dr ...

Be focused and stay smart with a natural cognitive health booster

Anyone interested in keeping their body in tip-top condition for maximum performance appreciates the need for proper ...

Cloud-based laboratory management solutions for increased productivity

Laboratory researchers across the globe are all challenged with similar barriers to productivity. Regardless of the ...

Vitamin B1 deficiency contributes to alcohol-related dementia

Hypothesis describes the role of iron deposits in the brain as the cause of dementia in alcoholics

Field study demonstrates krill oil's impact on choline depletion

Aker BioMarine and Oslo University Hospital have done a field study on the effect of krill oil on choline levels during ...