Extract and essential oil combo demonstrates cognitive benefits

Arjuna Natural’s BCM-95 turmeric extract and purified essential oil of turmeric demonstrated the capability to prevent neurotoxicity from aluminium exposure

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ADM releases research into probiotic mechanism of action

With the evidence, ADM claims it can support partners in the dietary supplements and food and beverage sectors

Sleep study showcases benefits of Kemin’s DailyZz

DailyZz contains a blend of polyphenols, designed to assist safe and natural nightly sleep

Robertet discusses sports nutrition and supplementation

Based on a melon juice concentrate, Melorun has been developed specifically to counteract oxidative stress in the ...

The complex relationship between heart health, weight and anxiety

The impact of COVID-19 on human health will be felt for many years to come. According to the World Health Organization ...

Researchers introduce probiotic yogurt-based inflammation treatment

The research was carried out in collaboration with Profs Michael Meijler, Ariel Kushmaro and Ron Apte, all at Ben- ...

Analysis determines HMB promotes healthy muscle mass

Supplementation with beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate, helps cultivate increased lean muscle mass in older adults, ...

Benign prostatic hyperplasia: the mature man’s problem

An innovative saw palmetto extract from Vidya Herbs, said to be more efficient than traditional saw palmetto extracts, ...

Research review indicates low fat diets decrease testosterone levels

The study was a review and meta-analysis combining the results of six controlled studies

Lycored research reveals demand for ingestible suncare

89% of consumers liked the idea of a supplement to promote a healthier relationship between their skin and the sun

Measuring the mood in the laboratory sector: materials bottlenecks and staff shortages

Increased materials consumption and the limited availability of liquid handling materials – pipettes, gloves and ...

Be focused and stay smart with a natural cognitive health booster

Anyone interested in keeping their body in tip-top condition for maximum performance appreciates the need for proper ...

How to choose an incubator for your nutraceutical business

The number of business accelerators and incubators is increasing, says Ben Jones, Marketing and Partnerships Manager, ...

OmniActive pepper extract increases metabolic rate during fasting

Results from the company’s latest study were presented at the Global Summit on Obesity, Diet and Nutrition and ...

Exeter fungal research centre earns five-year funding boost

The site secured the funding through the renewal of its status as an MRC Centre