Vitamin K2 technology wins award for NattoPharma spin-off

Kaydence Pharma has received a start-up award at the BIO International convention

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Terpenes: Unlocking the true medicinal qualities of cannabis

Jerusalem-based Eybna goes beyond cannabinoids and gets into the micro resolutions of the plant

UK government releases £125 million in grant funding to support innovators

The cash injection will see businesses turn ideas into new products and services on the market

DuPont opens probiotics fermentation unit

The new infrastructure at the Rochester facility in New York is part of a US$100m investment to boost production ...

IADSA opens new lines of communication for the dietary supplement sector

Mind the Gap is a new information resource available online to facilitate effective communication about the benefits of ...

4D Pharma enters human trials for gut bacteria therapy for asthma

This study builds on 4D’s published data demonstrating MRx-4DP0004 can significantly reduce both neutrophil and ...

CBD beats resistant strains of gram-positive bacteria

The potential antibiotic is also effective at disrupting biofilms

Review: Cannabis Europa 2019

Scientists, businesses and politicians backing the legalisation and regulation of medical and recreational cannabis ...

Givaudan identifies plant-based proteins with the biggest potential in food industry

The Swiss ingredients manufacturer has published findings of groundbreaking research

Natreon recieves more scientific backing for Phyllanthgus emblica

This marks the 12th clinical for heart healthy amla extract

Study: Vitamin K2 deficiency increases cardiovascular stress

Improving vitamin K2 status could benefit arterial stiffening and calcification, reducing cardiovascular complications, ...

Nutrition and Health China Industry Summit 2019 approaches

Event to be held on June 17 in Shanghai sponsored by TSI and NSF International

Vitafoods Europe 2019: guiding the industry to a more sustainable future

As environmental awareness reaches new heights and the world’s population continues to rise, the issue of providing ...

Healthy ageing: Asia’s $205bn nutraceuticals market opportunity

Vitafoods Asia provides a place to share and find solutions for healthy ageing dietary supplements

Sabinsa publishes C3 complex study as adjuvant therapy with cancer drugs

The authors concluded that a combination of curcumin with FOLFOX chemotherapy represents a safe treatment with ...