FrieslandCampina and Lallemand join forces to launch best-in-class gut health concepts

Partnership between the leading prebiotics and probiotics companies is in response to growing consumer demand for clinically proven solutions and positive interaction between the companies’ ingredients

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CherryShield: maltodextrin-free, high-in-fibre fruit powder

Taiyo's dietary fiber Sunfiber combined with the nutritional benefits of Stevnsbaer

Owlstone Medical launches breath testing for digestive health

The developments will be carried out in collaboration with Functional Gut Diagnostics and Functional Gut Clinic

ADM releases research into probiotic mechanism of action

With the evidence, ADM claims it can support partners in the dietary supplements and food and beverage sectors

A synergistic approach to treating functional dyspepsia

Vidya Herbs has launched new ingredient that rebalances liver-stomach disharmony syndrome to address functional ...

Research review indicates low fat diets decrease testosterone levels

The study was a review and meta-analysis combining the results of six controlled studies

Cargill invests in Seventure for digestive and immune health shift

The company’s move into the digestive and immune health space began in 2017 with its acquisition of Diamond V and ...

Between food and nutrition: future prebiotic trends

Taking an inward view of consumer well-being, there are a number of landmark changes that have influenced the ...

Brazil approves health claim for probiotic

Regulators in Brazil have approved a health claim for the probiotic GanedenBC30

Study demonstrates positive effects of RefluG Isorepair on reflux symptoms

A new clinical study has been recently published on RefluGTM Isorepair, a medical device for the treatment of ...

Pet well-being focus drives demand for rice protein in pet foods

As more consumers make the connection between a good diet and improved health for themselves, they are now taking extra ...

Gut health and the inner defence system

Given the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, topics such as immunity and staying fit and healthy have all ...

Probiotics: quality assurance begins with strain stability

Emerging research continues to reveal the benefits of a healthy gut – whether it’s enhanced immune health, improved ...

Chr Hansen adds to probiotic acquisition agglomeration

Chr Hansen Holding has completed the acquisition of UAS Laboratories

Australian and New Zealand food regulators publish probiotic claims

Australian and New Zealand food regulators have published a range of digestive health claims for probiotic GanedenBC30