Oliglow - prebiotics for a healthier skin supported by clinical evidence

Oliglow is a food-based ingredient concentrated to 70% galactooligosaccharides (GOS), which benefits the gut thereby positively influencing skin health

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ADM releases research into probiotic mechanism of action

With the evidence, ADM claims it can support partners in the dietary supplements and food and beverage sectors

Research review indicates low fat diets decrease testosterone levels

The study was a review and meta-analysis combining the results of six controlled studies

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Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides and their effect on the immune system

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Brazil approves health claim for probiotic

Regulators in Brazil have approved a health claim for the probiotic GanedenBC30

Study demonstrates positive effects of RefluG Isorepair on reflux symptoms

A new clinical study has been recently published on RefluGTM Isorepair, a medical device for the treatment of ...

Between food and nutrition: future prebiotic trends

Taking an inward view of consumer well-being, there are a number of landmark changes that have influenced the ...

Chr Hansen adds to probiotic acquisition agglomeration

Chr Hansen Holding has completed the acquisition of UAS Laboratories

Australian and New Zealand food regulators publish probiotic claims

Australian and New Zealand food regulators have published a range of digestive health claims for probiotic GanedenBC30

A gut feeling: what does the future hold for probiotics?

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Gut health and the inner defence system

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Microalgae-derived fucoxanthin: a powerful composition for liver health

Clinical trials suggest fucoxanthin, the carotenoid found naturally in seaweed and microalgae, helps promote metabolic ...

OptiBiotix announces extension of commercial terms for WellBiome and CholBiome with global partners

Leaders in microbiome modulating compounds for use in functional foods and supplements, OptiBiotix Health, has ...

Sabinsa introduces Livlonga, a new patented combination for liver support

Sabinsa, the pioneer of ingredients conceived by modern science drawing from traditional Ayurvedic knowledge, announces ...