LNC acquires exclusive worldwide licence for Christensenella-based mood disorder therapeutic

Deal strengthens LNC's portfolio of intellectual property and live biotherapeutic products for new applications in areas of high unmet medical need

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“Cardiovascular calm” messaging has consumer appeal, Lycored research shows

The idea of “calm” resonates with consumers of products for cardiovascular wellness, research has shown

Better sleep with saffron

Pharmactive’s affron saffron extract shows potential for better slumber in clinical study

Japan grants Robertet health claim for anti-stress ingredient Extramel

The Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan validates formulation in product from Zeria Healthway

Targeting brain health with L-carnitine

The growing interest in cognitive health provides an opportunity for performance-driven ingredients with the amino acid ...

Barrington and TriNutra help launch blend of ThymoQuin and Pycnogenol

New supplement Thymenol has been developed to support cognitive, cardiovascular, and immune health

IFF Health enters anti-ageing collaboration with BY-HEALTH

Formulations at the heart of the research focus on fighting cellular oxidative stress, support of intracellular health, ...

Energising the cell’s powerhouse can benefit mental health

Studies show that the mitochondria-boosting supplement ingredient, MGCPQQ, can also help to improve stress, reduce ...

Taiyo study reveals L-theanine ingredient gives cognitive benefits

The new study has shown how Suntheanine may improve cognitive function and reduce stress-related symptoms in healthy ...

International project launches to draw a microbiome map of the human body

The "Million Microbiome of Humans Project" will draw on research from all over the world to lay a solid data foundation ...

Nano CBD: Cannabidiol made with the human body in mind

Infinite CBD's Ali Munk explains how CBD products work, and why choosing nanotechnology as drug delivery increases its ...

Be focused and stay smart with a natural cognitive health booster

Anyone interested in keeping their body in tip-top condition for maximum performance appreciates the need for proper ...

Tired and fatigued consumers are seeking natural sleeping solutions

Many consumers struggle to get a good night sleep, particularly younger adults. This is something that can impact their ...

Review investigates link between nutrition and mental health

New study into mental health and nutrient supplementation has set the gold standard for which nutrients are proven to ...

Activ’inside makes multiple launches at Vitafoods

Cognitive performance study and high OPC grape extract are some of the updates from the French company